How to Recover Text Messages/SMS from Broken Samsung Phone

When your Samsung phone gets broken, how can you copy off your data like text messages from it? Now you can solve your problem with ease if you have gone through this page.


"Help! There is something wrong with my Samsung phone. I feel so sad about it because I have used it for several years. And the most upset thing is that I can't access and recovery my text messages out from the broken Samsung device, which are quite important for me. Can anyone help?"

Do you suffer the same problem as well? Still have no idea about how to retrieve your SMS from broken Android phone? Take it easy! It's totally possible to get them back. 

But still, many Android users may feel puzzled. Since unlike media files like videos, music and photos saved on the external memory card in a mobile phone, text messages are placed on the internal memory, which is also an essential part of your Samsung phone. Bad news is that you are unable to take out the external memory card from a broken phone and use it on another device. Therefore, to get back SMS from broken Samsung phone, you can only draw support from the third-party Samsung data recovery software.

Here in this article, we kindly recommend you a reliable file recovery application from Samsung phone. Android Data Recovery, which empowers you to recover lost, deleted, formatted, corrupted and damaged text messages from broken Android phone. If you are in need of such a favor, move your mouse and check out the instructions as below:

  How to Recover Text Messages/SMS from  a Broken Samsung Phone  

  Step 1  : Launch and Run Android Data Recovery on your PC
To begin with, install and run this program, connect your broken Samsung phone to your PC via USB cable. After it, select “Android Broken Data Recover”. Then choose  the file type “Messaging” to recover SMS from the broken device.

  Step 2   : Select Fault Types
As you can see, in the below window, one is “Touch doesn’t work or cannot access the phone” and the other is “Black/broken screen”. Just select the latter one since we want to recover text messages from the broken Samsung phone. Then the program will lead you to the next step.

Now you need to select the correct Device Name and Device Model for your broken Android phone.

Once the data analysis is done, what you need to do next is to scan your broken Android device to find the deleted messages. First, click “Allow” which appears on the screen of your broken Samsung phone. And when the “Allow” disappears, click on “Start” on the program’s window to allow it to scan your broken device.
  Step 3  : Enter Download Mode
To get your Android phone into the Download Mode, you need to follow the tutorials below:
- Power off the phone.
- Press and hold Volume”-”, “Home” and “Power” button on the phone.
- Press Volume “+” button to enter download mode.

  Step 4  : Analyze the Broken phone
Once entering the download mode, this program will analyze your Android device automatically.

  Step 5  : Preview and Recover Text Messages
Keep patient until the analysis and scanning process complete. The program will present you a note when the deleted and undeleted messages have been scanned. So now you can start to preview and check all messages in detail. Select those that you want to restore and then click “Recover” to save them to your PC with one click.

Congratulations! All your text messages have been well recovered from your broken Samsung phone.

  Warm Tips :

  • Take good care of your phone.
  • Remember to backup your data as often as possible.
  • Erase your private data on your broken phone if you don't want to use it anymore.